Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Easy Rolls Ever

(Makes 3 dozen)

1 C. melted butter
½ C. warm water
2 T. yeast
Pinch of sugar
2 C. warm water
¼ C. sugar
2½ tsp. salt
4 eggs
8 C. flour

Proof yeast in ½ C. warm water with a pinch of sugar. Combine all ingredients except flour in a large bowl. Mix well. Add flour and stir (no mixer please!) till you can’t see the flour any more. Dough will be sticky and lumpy. Cover and refrigerate until cold – at least 5 hours, better if over night. About 2 hours before baking, dump dough out onto well-floured surface. Roll dough blob in flour to coat, press it out into a rectangle. Cut into 36 “fingers”. Roll each finger between your hands just enough to be able to tie in a half knot. You know – the first part of tying your shoes. Let rise until double in bulk on a greased cookie sheet. No need to brush with butter even though rolls have flour coating. Remember that cup of butter? Yeah. Bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes. Sit back and wait for oohs and ahhs! Your super-baker reputation just went up a couple of notches.


Deep fry for doughnuts – glaze

Coat rolls with sugar & grated orange rind mixture for orange rolls – frost with orange frosting while still warm.

Coat with brown sugar & cinnamon for a sweet roll – frost while still warm.

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